Your Perfect Escape

Kondan The Retreat is the place to be for all those people who are on a vacation or just looking for a fine place to spend a night. The services available at the center are world class. We will always give you the value for your money. It is the time you gave it a try and live to tell a story.
Kondan The Retreat Is indeed your perfect escape. The tailor made services that we offer you will make you have an experience like no other. We are driven by quality and offering a variety of services that gives you a wide range to choose from. Remember to always stay in touch to enjoy several offers that we give to our esteemed customers from time to time. Kondan The Retreat, a place where excellence meets quality!


Our Philosophy

We value our customers so much. Honesty, excellence and commitment are the virtues that define the services we offer to our clients. Your satisfaction is the greatest gain we harvest from Kondan The Retreat.
While visiting Kondan The Retreat, be sure to have a good time. The customer services are what we pride in. The well trained and skilled employees will always make your stay at the center memorable. Never hesitate to give feedback where necessary and just how best we can keep improving service delivery to you. You are the reason we are still in existence, we value you.


Our Mission

To be a world leading retreat center for the provision of affordable yet high quality hospitality services.
Aiming to be a world leader in offering affordable and yet quality hospitality service will be achieved through; training of our employees, carrying out customer centered services, getting customer feedback and rating of services. We are on the growth path to excellence and do believe you are part of this journey. Let us do this!


Our History

Just as Rome was not built in a day so is Kondan The Retreat. The far we have reached today is because of the one by one steps over the past years. Here is a snippet of the journey into the today’s Kondan, enjoy!

  • 2018

    Additional 25 Rooms/Suites.

    Due to our ever growing demand for accommodation, we at Kondan has decided to bring up additional rooms. The rooms and suites under construction will give you, our customers and the best accommodation services. Next time you are having a huge group to host, Kondan The Retreat is just a call away.

  • 2017/18

    Opening of Gym & Spa Center in 2017/18

    Be sure that the state of the art facility will give you the best gym and spa services that you have always been yearning for. We do mind your health, well-being and fitness and it is the reason we are launching this. Hope to see during the launch of much anticipated facility.

  • 2017/18

    Opening of Conference Center in 2017/18

    We are opening the conference center in 2017/18. It is among the first facilities that we will put up at this place. The center is an all in one place where you can hold events, meetings and conferences. This is due to the increased demand that we had to put up the facility.

  • 2017/18

    Opening of Sky Bar & Lounge in 2017/18

    The state of art sky bar and lounge is another thing we pride of as Kondan family. It is well constructed and furnished to make sure that you are comfortable.Best for people who want to enjoy their drinks at a very cool and relaxed place. Only at Kondan!

  • 2016

    The First 5 Star level Resort in Maval

    Yes, 2016 has been that special year for you and the Kondan family. We became the first ever 5 star level Resort in Maval and its neighbourhoods. We do strive to improve the service delivery to our esteemed customers. At Kondan, you as a customer comes first.

  • 2016

    KONDAN The Retreat opened July 2016.

    In July 2016, Kondan The Retreat was officially opened. It is after six years of constructing and just furnishing the place. This is one of the historical events that we love to remember as the Kondan family.

  • 2010

    Construction of KONDAN The Retreat

    The construction of Kondan The Retreat began in 2010. It marked the first step of having the resort, we pride in today. Dedication and commitment were the ingredients of what we have today, Kondan The Retreat!